Monday, 7 April 2014

Tea Designs



Afternoon stitchers!

I've recently been working on different series of designs and being fabulously british, I thought tea seemed an obvious choice. These are easy to do and were a lot of fun to make. If you wanted to have a go at doing them yourself, pop on over to my etsy shop  and you can purchase a design for just a £1! If you like the design but wanted something a little extra added then I am always happy to do a custom design for you, either message me on etsy or leave a comment below and I'm happy to discuss exactly what you need and want!


Who Am I?

Hello I'm Louise and welcome to my cross-stitch blog!

I'm 25years old and an avid stitcher, knitter and general craft machine. 

This blog will be my platform to show off my designs and other pretty things that I've recently put together!

All designs belong are designed and owned by me unless otherwise noted. 

Thank you for visiting and if you like the look of something and think you'd fancy a go, pop over to my etsy shop (link below) to purchase!